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Each school chose between a paper ballot and an online election. This means that either everyone in a school voted on paper or everyone voted online. Youth Fora vote at meetings. Find out how your school voted:
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The Highland Youth Voice is an elected parliament of young people from across the Highland area. It provides opportunities for young people to participate and to take action on issues of importance to them.

The first parliament was elected in October 2000, the term of office is two years, so the next elections are being held in October 2002.

As well as elections in schools, young people can also get involved through local Youth Fora. Two places are reserved in each Highland Council area for Forum members, although these cannot be elected online.
85 Highland Youth Voice representatives are elected.
All 29 Secondary Schools in the Highlands and Drummond were invited to elect either 2 or 3 representatives, depending on size:
Schools with 750 students or less have 2 representatives.
Schools with more than 750 students have 3 representatives.

Youth Forum Members
Two places for each Highland Council Administrative area are reserved for Youth Forum members = 16 representatives.
Special Groups
There may be groups of young people who are unlikely to stand for election, for various reasons. In order to make Youth Voice representative of all young people in Highland, the Youth Voice Executive Committee will be able to co-opt up to 8 young people that they feel are under represented: i.e. they can invite 8 people to join Youth Voice as members.
Who can vote: all Youths in the Highland Council Area can vote in the Election.
A Youth is defined as a person EITHER attending a Secondary School in the Highland Council Area
OR (if no longer attending Secondary School) below 18 years of age.