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Online Voting Guide

Voting will not be available until 5th October.
You will need a User ID, password and PIN number. Find out how to get them.

1 - start at the Vote page and choose Go to Voting.

2 - The log-in form opens in a new window.
Fill in your User ID, password and PIN number and click send.
The User ID and password need capitals in the same place as the ones you were given.

3- If you type in your User ID or password or PIN number wrong, you will be asked to try again.
If you have voted before, you will get a message reminding you.
You will not be able to vote again.

4 - If everything is ok, you will see the list of candidates for your school.
This will have your name at the top.
See a teacher if you get the wrong name.
It will also tell you how many votes you have.
You can use less than this but not more.
Click in the boxes next to the candidates you want to vote for and then click Vote.

5 - If you don't use all your votes, you will get a reminder.
If you want to use more, click Back.
(You will have to tick the boxes again)
If you don't want to use them all, click ok, but you won't be able to use the rest later.

6 - You have voted and will get a message, thanking you for your vote
Close the window where it says.