Newsletter 5
January 02

CARBISDALE 16-18 November 2001

Well it was true what they said… This meeting was just as good as everyone expected and better. The return to Carbisdale was memorable for many members, especially for those attending for the first time, a place that will not be forgotten for a while! The celebration of our first birthday helped to make it the best meeting yet (how will we keep up this good standard?!?).

Now for a change. This year there was no mention of there not being enough to do. Now would that be a reflection on the entertainment? The fantastic Broken Chord were great playing all our favourite tunes for us to sing and dance to, Saturday included a 'fab' ceilidh, and I’ve not even mentioned the ghost tour…and who was it that moved the statue? What did you do during those free time slots? Maybe the bouncy castle - a great laugh for all the family!

Of course we did have our trusty sub-groups, and it was great to see what they had been getting up to over the weekend at the debate. The Capital of Culture group did do quite a bit of work as well, you know, but not as much as that hardworking transport bunch. We had that fantastic sketch from the Transport group who were off to the ballet! And the cracker from the Culture group…songs and all! The Health group will be heading to Hollywood soon! The website looks good, very young and funky! And Crime look like they have been tackling some major issues with massive ideas. (Look further on in the newsletter for a review on what the sub-groups did.)

The date for our next meeting is planned for the 22nd – 24th March. It is SO important that as many members as possible attend this meeting and in fact all our meetings, after all you were elected to represent the youth of your area, so make sure you do! COMMITMENT PEOPLE!! So no excuses please (obvious exceptions)!!!



First the group looked at what problems they had with public transport in their area. All but one had major problems. Common issues included:

  • Paying full fare (within Inverness)
  • Unable to attend after school activities
  • Lack of late night buses
  • Don’t like relying on parents
  • Cost – far too expensive

The group looked at a discount card and brainstormed on ideas surrounding

  • be for under 18’s.
  • that it would hold a photograph
  • would be accepted by ALL operators
  • could have a points/ bus miles system
  • Smart Card compatible
  • They want to see this card introduced in June 2002.

    In their third workshop they looked at hot spot runs, subsidised taxis and making use of school/council minibuses.



    The Health group had been given the tasks of writing and filming a

    series of Drugs Awareness adverts to be screened in the cinema. They spent their workshops brainstorming ideas, and then were given certain tasks to do. They filmed throughout their workshops and on the Sunday enlisted the help of the entire Youth Voice for a final scene.

    We are waiting for the final adverts to be sent up, and they should be arriving any day now.

    These workshops were a great success and enjoyed but the group felt that it would have been a good idea to hold workshops on building up confidence before the meeting.

    So look out for the adverts coming soon to a screen near you!!


    This group looked at the actions decided at the June meeting in Strathpeffer, and reviewed the papers put together at that meeting.

    The group then looked at the Northern Constabulary’s ‘Check it out’ booklet, regarding your rights as a young person. They discussed the questions:

    • Will it make a difference?
    • Is it relevant?
    • What do you think of the style/design?
    • What do you think of language?
    • How could it be improved?

    In general they felt it was good and feedback was positive:

    • Had a bit too much reading in it – split into 2 or 3?
    • Information was good.

    Ideas for improvements were also put forward

    In their other workshops they discussed reducing accidents, and drink/drug driving.

    They talked about ideas regarding packs, what to keep in and what to throw out. Another idea was advanced lessons after you pass your test, and of course having these for a reduced price.


    This group looked at the website and decided what they thought about it, some issues that came up included:

    • Felt that caricatures could be used instead of pictures
    • Who writes the news bit?
    • They discussed the use of debates through the website
    • Thought that the discussion board was good
    • Members must have a password

    The group discussed more about debating through the site, and decided that debates could last up to 3 months. There was concern about confidentiality, allowing contributions should be anonymous.

    Work on the website is continuing and it should be up and running soon.CAPITAL OF CULTURE

    The Capital of Culture business meeting was held at Carbisdale on the Friday afternoon and all YV members attended this. The sub-group worked with two drama workers and through a lot of drama and improvisation came up with ideas, including the introduction of the idea of different forms of culture.

    They brainstormed on questions regarding activities in their area, advertising and problems. They also came up with a list of things that they would like.

    They looked at what culture was to them, coming up with:

    • Friends/family/home
    • Sports
    • Shinty/rugby/golf/skiing /swimming
    • Education
    • Environment
    • Activities
    • Music/dancing/tradition/art/films

    And many others were included within these headings.

    The group looked at two questions they had been given, one regarding the distribution of the bid throughout the Highlands.


    One of the special things at Carbisdale this year was Raindog's youth theatre - Young Blood. They did an excerpt of their most recent production about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and then held a workshop with us. We recently had a e-mail from Raindog, thanking the Youth Voice for inviting them and saying that they had a very enjoyable time.


    December saw the launch of the Northern Constabulary’s leaflet, ‘Know your Rights.’ This leaflet came about because the Youth Voice felt that there was not enough information on what our rights as young people were.

    The leaflet was launched at Inverness High School, and will be distributed to all schools in Highland. Check them out and see what you think!

    What’s the big idea?

    As you will all be aware the Capital of Culture bid was launched at the end of November. Since then ideas have been flooding through!

    The bid is being submitted in March and hopefully the Youth Voice will have a big part in that process. Keep you eyes open for stuff that the Capital of Culture bid is doing. If you’ve got ANY ideas at all go to the website: and submit them there. They are looking for two thousand and eight ideas for 2008!


    Already we are planning the next meeting, and again trying to make it bigger and better than ever – I don't know if that’ll be possible! At the moment the provisional date is the

    22nd –24th March Badaguish,

    Nr Aviemore

    So you have no excuse for not getting that weekend of work! More details to follow soon!


    While this is a little bit late in getting out, (sorry!) we hope that everyone had a very merry Christmas and a great new year, and that 2002 brings you all happiness and success!

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