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Executive Meeting Review 20/12/02

Executive Meeting Review
13th – 15th December


Following the slightly late arrival to Fairburn Activity Centre near Dingwall, there was a short welcome and some introductions from the people who work at HYV H.Q. Following on from that, we were settled into our rooms and had dinner for 6pm – very nice. Seeing as some of us had met at the Drumnadrochit, it was felt necessary to have a proper introduction by each of the new exec members – we were made to draw pictures of everything that is important or relevant to our lives. People had pictures of their pets, family and work (which was shunned to the bottom of the pictures along with pictures of their schools!). Free time followed, where we made idiots of ourselves on dance mats, ‘sonic-boomed’ bits of orange peel about the place and watched Lord of the Rings.


Excitement all round this morning – paintball followed breakfast, which managed to pull Annie out from her high shoes and into trainers! This was a very good experience, which left just about all of us bruised, battered and almost had social services on the doorstep. After a quick shower and some lunch, we sat down to some serious discussion. Our roles and responsibilities were mapped out – we discussed how frequently we can attend meetings, the commitment required by all of us and member involvement in other activities, so it’s not the executive doing all the work. A review of the Drum meeting, looking over our priorities how to move forward, a look over some ongoing projects including the alcohol leaflet, the drug video, the sexual health strategy group and the school health review were also looked at. A night on the alleys followed dinner, with a trip to Rollerball.


What a way to wake up, a cold jog through the grounds of Fairburn searching for clues to open a chest which contained the best of prizes – these would have really given us all an incentive to run just that bit quicker, for the prize was…a can of coke and an aero! After some coffee, it was back out again to be turned into miniature Tarzan’s as we were made into one big team and made to traverse the rope course without touching the ground and with a time limit of 30 minutes –success! Everybody managed it, what a team!

See Minutes for more details.


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