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Crime is serious and more should be done to prevent it.
Crime will be prevented and crime rates will decrease if
relationships between the Police (Northern Constabulary)
and young people improve and become more relaxed.
Police and Young people should have mutual respect for
each other


Young people have the right to access to a wide variety of treatments and advice regardless of location, without intimidation, in confidence and with a knowledge of their rights.

Transport and Environment

Good transport facilities are a right not a privilege.
Opportunities should be accessible to everyone regardless of background, location or employment. This is only possible through affordable accessible transport.
We believe that the travel discount scheme is a priority for people in full time education, the unemployed and those on benefits.

Web Development

Reasons to use Internet Voting in Youth Voice elections:
1 - It saves paper
2 - It allows for more central control– each school is more likely to get the right number of candidates and each pupil more likely to get the right number of votes.
3 - It’s easier/requires less commitment.
4 - You can vote from home – and start on Saturday.
5 - Good Publicity for Youth Voice because they have to go through our website.
6 - Gives candidates better information about what they’re aiming for.

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