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Site Map: Elections

This is where the elections were held, to vote for new Youth Voice members in Autumn 2002.
to Elections pages
This will take you to the home page of the elections section. It says what's on the other pages. You can find out how your school or forum voted and who your Youth Voice Co-ordinator is.
This page tells you how to do anything you need to in this section. It also has a step by step guide to the online election.
How to stand for election
Choose your school and you will be taken to the list of candidates standing for election. Each candidate's name has the beginning of their manifesto under it. Click on this to read their full manifesto.
How to stand for election
This page is where you could vote, if you were voting online.
How to stand for election
This tells you how many votes the candidates got and who was elected.
You can also see the election turnout for schools voting online.
How to stand for election
This contains more detailed information about how the 3 types of elections work: online, paper ballot and Youth Forum elections.
How to stand for election
A list of important dates for the election; between September and November 2002.

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