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Site Map:Your Voice

A place for young people in Highland region to discuss issues affecting them in the form of online debates. These debates are used to inform Youth Voice policy and action. If you are not a young person from Highland you can still read the debates, but not add your comments.
There's also a diagram at the bottom of the page.
to Your Voice list of debates
This contains the list of debates going on at the moment. You need to come through this page to enter any of the debates or even to read them, because you need to choose which you one you want.
Click on the headline to go to the full article.
Conditions of Use
This contains the conditions of use (guidelines) for saying something in a debate. It also contains a privacy statement, which says what we do with the information you give us.
feedback from old debates
This page tells you what Youth Voice are doing with the results of the debates.
This is the Help page for this section. It contains a list of things you might be trying to do. Click on the one you want for instructions.
If you get stuck or you feel that something's broken, get in touch using this form.
List of old debates
This contains a list of old debates (now closed). Click on a debate title to read the comments made.
More Information
This contains the background information for each debate.
read previous comments
Comments made so far.
Say Something
This is where you can say what you want to in a debate.

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