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Send HYV a suggestion for a debate

If you would like to send a suggestion for a debate to Highland Youth Voice, please use the form below. You will need to be going to secondary school in the Highlands (or have an ID and password through a Youth Forum) to send a suggestion.
User ID :
Idea for debate:
About your suggestion:

In the box next to "Idea for debate" please give your suggestion a title e.g. "Too many exams at school."
In the box next to "About your suggestion", please write why you think this needs to be talked about - maybe say what's happening about this in your area or what you think should be done about it. e.g. "Loads of young people spend most of the time being stressed about exams. Young people shouldn't have to be stressed so much. And exams don't prove you're good at anything - just that you can learn things off by heart."
Your suggestion will be taken into account, but it could take a long time before it becomes a real debate. If there are lots of similar ideas they might be put together into one debate.