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Conditions and Privacy

Conditions of Use

Please take care of yourself by not putting any contact information in your comment - don't give anyone's email address, home address or phone number. Please take care of your readers by writing with respect and trying to make your point clearly and briefly. Comments should be less than 150 words. We will remove comments if we think they contain offensive or abusive language or if they could be libellous. If you want to say something but you have a good reason to be afraid to put your name by your comment, you can fill in a special form, which will stop your name being attached to the comment. This will be checked by someone before it goes on to the site.
Inclusion of any statement or comment in this site does not indicate that the Highland Wellbeing Alliance or the ITC endorse it or take any responsibility for it.

Privacy Policy

Your user-ID, year and school will appear on the website with your comments. Your full name will be kept secret and your details will not be passed on to anyone outside HYV and ITC (who manage this website).

If you get stuck try help or look at the site map. If don't think something's working right, please use this form.

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